Make Meetings Count.

Use Meeting Management Software to improve the client experience and boost employee engagement.

Agendas For Your Favourite Software

The Benefits Of Lean Huddle

Save Time

Create meeting agendas in seconds by using templates. 

Boost Productivity

Share the agenda before, during and after the meeting.

Build Culture

Build a culture of engagement and accountability.

Fewer Emails

Create notes in an online tool rather than sending emails.

Turbocharge Your Meetings


Create template agendas, invite attendees and include instructions for prework.


Print off agendas, stay on track, collaborate on notes and create tasks.


Circulate meeting notes and track the progress of projects and tasks.

91% of people admit to daydreaming during meetings, 96% admit having missed meetings, 39% admit to having slept, 45% feel overwhelmed, 73% did other work and 47% complain that meetings where there number one time-waster at the office.

$37 Billion salary cost of unnecessary meetings for US businesses